Charting Your New Year's Resolutions

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Ask any successful person about how they attained wealth, fame, or a position of power and we bet they will say they made goals, wrote them down, and then worked to reach them. You will find very few, if any who did not do that.

An article in Entrepreneur magazine The Power of Writing Down Your Goals stresses the importance of setting goals to pen and ink, not just keeping them in your head "...write down eight to ten goals you want to achieve this time next year. It’s good to include some balance on that list with health, fitness, family, leisure and financial and business goals, to name some important considerations. Then circle the one goal that has the potential to completely change the course of your life and serve as a domino effect for every other goal on the list."

Many people don't even think about setting goals, but they will make resolutions on New Year's Eve, and we all know most resolutions don't last until Valentine's Day. But resolutions and goals are important for our mental health as well as our success. In fact, the two are connected. Psychology Today says "It's what your brain wants and it's the only way anything ever gets done," in their article 8 Reasons We Really Do Need to Make Resolutions."

So, how are you going write down your goals and resolutions? I remember a few years ago I wrote down my resolutions on a piece of paper and then I lost the paper. I typed them up on my notes app on my iPhone, but after a couple weeks I found myself clicking the Facebook icon instead of my notes and I forgot about them. I was headed towards resolution failure!

Then I started using a 3' x 5' piece of Whiteboard In A Box on the wall in my home office to write down my goals and resolutions and everything changed. My feet hit the floor in morning and I look at my progress right there in red and white on my wall. I chart my progress on how I'm doing on a daily basis and for the first time ever, I'm actually making progress on every one of my goals, slow but sure.

Whiteboard In A Box is the perfect media for setting, writing, and charting progress on goals because it's a shiny-white, self-stick adhesive that adheres to any smooth, flat surface and does not do any damage. It can be cut to fit whatever area you have available for this project and last a long, long time. Just like any conventional dry erase board you can erase the marker with a whiteboard eraser. We recommend our Clean with ATTITUDE non toxic cleaner to thoroughly clean and renew the surface.

So, the New Year is almost here! Get ready to set your goals and resolutions and in 2018 and this time, really reach them.

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