Whiteboard Cubes - Practical and Fun!

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We're pleased with our Whiteboard In A Box product because it lets people put up a dry erase surface on almost any clean, flat surface like a wall or a table. But we've found another way to use it: On A Cube! 

We needed to set up a temporary display in a lobby where the walls weren't available for Whiteboard In A Box, so covered two boxes with the product, and created a perfect stand-alone display. Since then we've seen teachers make whiteboard cubes as a craft project and then use them for students to create unique artwork. They're also great for class information and to mark important dates. 

Because Whiteboard In A Box comes in 48" and 60" wide rolls, several different lengths, and can easily be cut to size, you can plan your project to work out just right. You may want to make cubes as small as 6" or as large as you can find a box to use for your need. If you have any Whiteboard In A Box left over, you can find all kinds of places to stick it and have an instant place for notes.

Two whiteboard cubes can be made into a pair of dice, which are perfect for student math and other learning games.

Making the cubes is a project all on its own, and the different activities you can organize are almost endless. For example, cover all six sides of the cube with pieces of Whiteboard In A Box and if you create three cubes, stack them one on top of the other. Teachers can ask students to draw faces, torsos, and legs, then spin the sections around to make humorous combinations of different people. 

Whiteboard In A Box is your one-stop e-commerce sight for all your dry-erase needs. Markers, erasers, cleaner, grids, and of course, Whiteboard In A Box which can also be used to cover old, worn dry erase boards so they look like new!

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