Whiteboard In A Box for English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

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People outside of the aviation industry may not know this, but English is the international language of pilots and air traffic controllers. When you think about it, air travel would be downright dangerous if everyone up in the air was speaking in different languages!

And so every year thousands of aspiring pilots take courses in English designed to prepare pilots to communicate with other pilots and air traffic control towers all over the world. The amazing thing is that the courses designed for pilots is only 8 weeks long! They are very intense programs that usually start early in the morning and run into the evening 6 days a week.

Most pilots travel from their native countries to the United States to learn English and stay in hotels or rented apartments and because of the expense they are usually anxious to get back home and get to work, hence the short timetable to get certified.

Note: Linguists around the world have agreed that the most difficult languages to learn for non-native speakers (2nd language) are English, Finnish, Russian, Japanese and Mandarin.

Ask any ESL teacher what is their most valuable tool in the classroom, and they will tell you it’s the dry erase board. Because people worldwide learn by visual stimulation, writing words and sentences on a dry erase board in front of the class is simply the most effective way to teach the language. Audio tapes, videos with sub-titles are accompanying tools, but whiteboards rule as far as teaching a group.

If you have ever taken a foreign language course, you know that verbs are often the most difficult for people to grasp because of all the conjugations. Present tense, past tense, future tense! It gets confusing. Teachers say that presenting the different conjugations on a whiteboard is the key to making English verbs understandable.

Believe it or not, games are also a very common element in ESL classes because they break up the monotony of all-day classes. Pictionary, hangman, and even Jeopardy are fun and effective games for students when the game must be played using English only.

The other thing teachers will say about dry erase boards is that they never have enough space! Most classrooms have a board on the front wall, and maybe another on the side wall, but after that they’re out of space. Our Whiteboard In A Box product has become very popular with ESL schools and teachers because it’s a self-stick whiteboard surface that rolls out, can be cut as needed, and it adheres to any smooth, clean surface to provide an instant and long-lasting whiteboard surface. Whiteboard In A Box comes in rolls that are 48” wide or 60” wide and come in several different lengths.

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