Tracking Your Fitness Goals

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Experts Say that Failing to Track is Leading Cause for Failure

Imagine playing a game of basketball where no one keeps score. How do you know who wins? Or think about practicing for a 26.2 mile marathon but never knowing how many miles you’ve run every day as you prepare?

Many people establish a workout regimen but never track how many miles they run, pounds they lift, or sit ups they complete.

From Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence and well known sales expert: “What gets measured gets done.”

And from “Today, I’m going to convince you that the MOST important thing you can do for your health and fitness involves a pencil and paper. Write everything down!”

Lots of exercise enthusiasts keep their fitness records in a notebook or on an app on their phone, but when the notebook is closed or the app isn’t open it’s pretty easy to forget where you stand and it’s even easier to notice those cookies in the kitchen cabinet.

We like big, bold, colorful reminders, right on the wall where you can’t miss them.

Here’s an example of why tracking fitness progress should involve more than the numbers on a scale:

Let’s say you’re trying to lose weight and you’re working out every day. The scale isn’t showing any weight loss but your arms and legs are getting stronger, in fact your biceps have grown a full inch! Muscles weigh more than fat, so you have burned fat and your efforts are paying off. That’s the kind of progress tracking people need to stay motivated!

Fitness experts also recommend we track what we eat. A doctor should advise you on how many calories you need every day and if you track those calories on a chart it makes it easier to say no to things that exceed your daily limit. Measure it, track it, and get results.

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