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We sell our products primarily to businesses, schools, and people who enjoy various art and craft hobbies and projects. Our motto for everyone is "Unleash Your Creativity" and we believe it applies to everyone. Dry erase boards and markers let people express creative concepts, develop ideas, or just have fun.

This time of year people get especially creative with decorations and holiday art. We researched the first when the earliest Christmas and Hanukkah art and found some interesting information.

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday commemorating the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt (about 160 B.C.) 

When most people think of Hanukkah they think of the menorah, which is a unique candelabrum with eight candles representing the eight days of the celebration and a 9th candle raised high in the center. The first menorah was created by an artisan named Bezalel and actually had six branches. Drawings of menorahs have been found that date back to the second century.

Christmas art usually focuses on pictures or sculptures of Jesus, usually as a baby. Christmas tree art is also very popular, and first Christmas tree is believed to No one knows for certain who truly lays claim to the first Christmas tree ... but few dispute that it was in the area which is now Northern Europe. The first documented use of a tree in a winter Christmas celebration was in several locations in Northern Europe including Estonia, and Latvia, in the year 1510.

If you have creative urges and would like to express them, our Whiteboard In A Box is an ideal way create some holiday art and decorate the house at the same time. Kids love to color, create, and draw menorahs and Christmas trees and our markers are bolder and brighter than the leading brand.

Is art a lucrative career path for you or your kids? Well, we've all heard the term "starving artist" but recently a painting by Leonardo da Vinci of an adult Jesus Christ became the most expensive ever sold. The price? $450 million.




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