Save Time, Save Money, Save the Planet

Posted by Susan Baker on

We are always thinking of ways to save money and avoid contributing to the pollution problem on our planet, and another great idea is Whiteboard in a Box. Instead of taking down a large, worn out dry erase board, we recommend this versatile self-stick dry erase film be used to resurface old boards.

An old whiteboard thrown in the trash will take up space in a landfill and remain there for centuries. Don't do it!

Whiteboard in a Box is easy to use and costs just a fraction of the cost of a new board. It can also be used to cover entire walls, giving you tons of space to be creative. In school, at home, or in the office, it’s a fantastic product to turn worn out walls into shiny new surface!

Whiteboard in a Box comes in many different sizes and can be easily cut to fit and sized area. Order by visiting and have a wonderful summer! 

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