The Big White Wall

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We visit a lot of offices and speak with office managers about what their needs are with regard to dry erase boards and supplies. The most common comment is "we need more space to write!" The second most common comment is "Our markers are always running out of ink!"

While we have solutions for both, we're going to talk about the first issue today and deal with the second next time.

If you've ever used a dry erase board, or even a sheet of paper to design a project or an org chart, you know that you start at the center top and work your way down and before too long you are writing very tiny letters to get to the smallest elements. Darn! I hate when that happens. 

We are seeing more and more offices order our most popular product, Whiteboard In A Box, to create entire walls for their staff to create visual representations of their ideas, proposals, projects, and plans. From floor to ceiling, all the way around the room. It's very interesting to see how they even cover doors and tables. More creative space is what they want, more creative space is what they get!

We visit offices and schools where they opted for the dry erase paint solution, and while we don't like to detract from our competitors, we do think people are not often aware of the differences between the two options. 

Dry erase paint has a few issues you should be aware of. For one thing, if you're not a painter you may have to hire someone to do the job. Many dry erase paints dry leaving air bubbles in the surface, and will often have a bumpy surface. Once you paint a wall with any paint it's not easy to remove it.

Our product adheres to any flat, smooth surface and does not harm the wall behind it and requires no special training to apply it. It's durable and lasts a very long time, and when you need to remove it, down it comes. Whiteboard In A Box can also be used to resurface existing dry erase boards, which means no expensive and expensive installation. Save time and money!

Tune in next week for some facts about markers!

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