Awesome Craft Projects for Old Shipping Tubes

Posted by Robert Feeley on

We use a lot of shipping tubes because we ship our most popular product "Whiteboard In A Box" in them and sometimes customers ask us about recycling them. They are recyclable, and we encourage people do so, but there are also dozens of unique and fun craft projects you can use them for, and then recycle them later!

Probably one of the easiest projects is to turn the tube into a gift tube! Simply cover the tube with the appropriate wrapping paper and put your gift inside. They work great for almost any gift that fits inside, especially bottles of wine.

Another cool idea is to cover the tube with orange construction paper and let your kids decorate for Halloween. They are great to place all around the house and even use them for candy bowls!

Finally, shipping tubes make great planters. Depending on the type of plant and how much you'll be watering it, you may want to line the inside with aluminum foil or some other liner so the tube doesn't get soaked. You can decorate the tube, and you have a planter that is also a work of art!

We are very conscious about recycling, which is why we are so happy that using Whiteboard In A Box is a great way to help the environment! When you resurface an old whiteboard with Whiteboard In A Box, you prevent an old, bulky dry erase board from being dumped at the landfill. Eventually it may end up there, but you can resurface more than once and that will definitely cut down on the overall amount of trash.

Whiteboard In A Box adheres to any smooth, flat surface and will save you time and money over a conventional dry erase board. Click here to order now.


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