Making a Plan? Try a Kanban!

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Everyone has their own way of planning, scheduling, and keeping notes. Years ago I worked for a company whose CEO was a big believer in the Day Timer system. It was a little leather notebook that you could fit in your pocket and keep track of business events, projects, meetings, phone numbers, and more. We were required to keep this little book with us always, and make sure it was up to date. I didn't like it, but rules are rules.

Today people use Outlook or Google Calendar, maybe notes in their iPhone, or maybe a cloud-based CRM like SalesForce. 

But when you're working on a project where a team is involved and you have a lot of visually-inclined members on that team, a kanban board might be the best way to go.

Kanban, literally means "signboard" in Japanese, is a system that gained popularity in 2004 when it was used by a team at Microsoft to develop a new project. The method can be very simple or quite complex depending on the complexity of the project.

Basically it involves setting up sections, or columns on a board, usually a whiteboard, and writing on the board or on post-it slips of paper to keep track of all the elements of the project. You can use different colored dry erase markers or different colored post-it slips, whatever works for you.

Our most popular product, Whiteboard In A Box is ideal for a kanban, because it's a whiteboard that can be cut to fit virtually any space where you would like it and requires no extensive installation. It is a self-stick whiteboard surface that adheres to any flat surface and it does no harm to wall or table behind it.


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