Get on Track with Whiteboards at the Office

Posted by Robert Feeley on

Efficient workflow. Is that what's happening at your office? Or is it more likely a convoluted mishmash of different people doing different tasks, an no one really knows what's going on. Every Friday you're amazed you made it through the week.

Wouldn't it be nice to "get a handle" on things so projects are organized and on time? 

There are plenty of software programs out there that are designed to do just that and most of them work fine, but we have found that they're usually so over-complicated that no one really understands the system.

Sometimes you need to simplify things and get people's faces away from their computer screen and onto a big, bright colorful dry erase board! We have found that when businesses put a whiteboard in the coffee, or break room, everyone sees it and can have a quick chat about what's happening.

Whiteboard in a Box is a versatile, self-stick dry erase surface that will adhere to almost any flat surface. It doesn't involve screws and bolts and installation costs, you just peel and stick. On a table top, on the wall, or on the refrigerator. We received a letter from one company who has WBIAB on the wall in their bathroom. You just can't escape!

Visit our website at to shop for markers, erasers, dry erase board cleaner, marker clips, and of course several different roll sizes of Whiteboard in a Box.

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