The Struggle for Organization is Won with Tools!

Posted by Robert Feeley on

I believe there are three kinds of people:

1) The well organized.

2) The people who are messy and disorganized but struggle to be organized.

3) The messy people who just don't care.

Let's start with number three. My father once had 9 pairs of needle-nose pliers because he kept losing them so he would go out and buy a new pair whenever he needed them. The hardware store loved him. And so did I even though he was a disorganized mess. These people are best left to be who they are.

Now let's discuss the well organized person. These people are probably from another planet, because it just comes naturally to them to know precisely, at any given moment, how many paper clips are in their little paper clip holder with the magnetic thing at the top. Everything is in it's place, and they are never late because they have a detailed schedule for everything. They have a reminder set for the next time they need to order paper clips.

Now comes the largest group of people, those of us who struggle to get and stay organized. What I have found over many years of engaging in this battle is that the secret to success is having the right tools. Ask an auto mechanic to borrow his socket wrench, and he will refuse and then scowl at you for even asking. His tools are his livelihood and you never mess with a person's livelihood.

Tools are the key to making progress in the struggle for organization.

Everyone has a junk drawer in their kitchen, and it's usually a mess. But look at the picture below of the neat drawer. The trays have allowed some semblance of neatness!

Many people keep track of everything on their smart phones, and if that works for you, great! But if you're a visually-centered person, there's nothing like having a colorful set of reminders, appointments, and dates & times on a dry-erase board on the wall. I like to have several of them, in strategic places where I won't miss them.

No one wants to be drilling holes in all their walls and driving in screws to put whiteboards all over their office or home, so we developed Whiteboard in a Box, a durable self-stick shiny white dry-erase surface that will adhere to almost any flat surface. It works great on a wall, a table-top, the front of your refrigerator, a door, or a window! Some people like grids to keep everything lined up but many just like the free flow of doodles and words. If you try it, we think you'll ♥ it! It's a wonderful tool to help you stay organized.

Whiteboard in a Box comes in many different sizes and can be custom cut to whatever size you need. Click here to shop and order!


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