Whiteboard Uses in Your Home Office

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More and more people are working from home in recent years, and if you're doing it you know that keeping your household and your business both organized can be a challenge.

Planning is the key, and sticking to a schedule usually helps get everything done. There are schedules on smart phones, computers, and tablets but for many people they need to have a big list on the wall, where their eyes can't miss the messages.

Here are a few ideas for whiteboards in a home office:

1 - Daily Task list: Write them on the wall and cross them off as you complete them. It sounds simple, but you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you make a big red check mark next to each item.

2 - Message Board: This is a great way to communicate with other members of the household. If you're locked in the office working, leave messages on a whiteboard in the kitchen for others and encourage them to leave messages for you. They won't have to bother you with little things all the time.

3 - Brainstorming: Did you ever have a great idea and then five minutes later it's gone? Use one whiteboard to write these things down and then develop them. 

4 - Presentations: If you offer a prospective customer a presentation, most will accept. Whether it's video/online, or in-person, you need to plan it first. Divide a whiteboard surface into sections, and then use each one to create a key element. For example, (1) Introduce the product, (2) highlight the benefits, (3) explain the cost advantages, (4) ask for the business, and (5) close the deal!

Success comes after planning, and visual planning is the most effective.

One of the best features with Whiteboard in a Box is that it will go almost anywhere! On a door, a wall, a refrigerator, or a window. Use one of our marker clips to keep a dry-erase marker right next to the whiteboard, and you're all set. And use lots of colors, as color is what makes the whole thing fun. Life and business can and should be fun! 

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