How to Use Whiteboards in the Classroom to Encourage Creativity

Posted by Robert Feeley on

Creativity aids a child’s intellectual and emotional development, helps them to develop problem-solving skills, and can even help children to feel more confident in their ideas and decisions. Creativity raises a child's self image and boosts confidence.

But, with so much of the school day structured around specific learning objectives, it can be difficult to find time to help children strengthen their capacity for creativity.

Whiteboards are perfect for introducing projects to help young students with their creative skills, and Whiteboard in a Box is perfect for increasing the whiteboard space in a classroom. It saves the hassle and expense of buying new boards and going through the hassle of installing to the wall them with anchors and screws.

Once Whiteboard in a Box is in place, be creative with some fun projects such as:

1 - Draw your favorite animal. then change places with another student and ask them to draw some clothing on the animal. Ask students to explain why an elephant would wear a bathing suit!

2 - Ask students to write a word on the board, then ask them to change places and write a synonym of the word.

3 - Stories in Pictures - ask a student to write a short story using only pictures, then have the other students try to figure out the story.

The important thing is to have enough space for students to get the time at the board.  

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