Whiteboard In A Box for Architects and Engineers

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For decades, architects and engineers drew their ideas, concepts, and plans on giant sheets of paper and they were transformed into copies via a process called blueprinting. It was a tedious process that involved malodorous chemicals and the copies were hard to read. Later there were large printers, called plotters, that could print giant copies of plans in black & white or color and that was an improvement. Today, everything is computerized and the most common software for architects is Auto Cad, which is used worldwide. Drawings can be e-mailed lightning fast from office to office.


During the planning phases of projects, however, architects and engineers like to collaborate with colleagues in the office and they often use giant sheets of paper on easels or dry erase boards to conceive, construct and create their next design.

"Limited space" is the comment we hear when we receive calls inquiring about our most popular product, Whiteboard In A Box. Architects and engineers often need more than your standard 4 foot by 8 foot dry erase board, and sometimes they want to cover entire walls. "No problem," we respond! 

Whiteboard In A Box is a durable, self stick dry erase film that adheres to any smooth surface and will not harm the underlying wall. It comes in sheets ranging from 4' x 5' to 5' x 75' and can be cut to fit any area you need.

There is no need to drill holes in the wall, you just peel & stick and you have a brilliant white shiny surface that performs like a standard dry erase board. We have a video that shows how easy it us to use here: Video.


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