How to Choose the Best Whiteboard for Your Workplace

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There are several options for installing a dry erase board in your home, classroom, or office. For the purpose of this article we'll look at the office and follow up with the others in weeks to come.

The primary considerations will likely be budget, space, and wall surface.

Your basic choices are:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Glass Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard Paint
  • Conventional Wood Framed Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard In A Box

Interactive whiteboards are all the rage in places where they can afford them. We found models ranging from $1000 to $10,000 and there is extensive labor involved in installing them. You don't want an investment like that falling off the wall!

Glass whiteboards run about $400 and up for a 4' x 8' panel. These boards are nice, but are very heavy and also require some pretty extensive installation. They also are susceptible to scratches.

Whiteboard paint is very popular and will cost about $40 for a gallon of the good stuff. We hear the most negative comments about the paint option because if the wall has a coarse surface, so will your whiteboard. It seems to fade relatively fast, and often when cleaning the marker from the wall, the dry erase paint comes with it!

A conventional 4' x 8' wood framed dry erase board runs about $300 and is the most common choice for offices. Drilling holes is also required, and their life span will depend on how often they are used and if they are cleaned regularly. One of the issues with these boards is that when it's time to replace them, the old one goes to the garbage dump and contributes to the pollution problem. 

We recommend Whiteboard In A Box. It's a thin, durable self-stick adhesive film that will cost about $85 for a sheet to cover a 4' x 8' space. One of the great things about Whiteboard In A Box is that you are limited only by the amount of wall space you have. You can go from floor to ceiling, and from left to right as far as wall space permits. This feature is what many companies today are opting for because it lets employees have almost unlimited space to create, analyze, and plan.

Whiteboard In A Box is available at and can be cut to fit whatever space you have and it will stick to any flat surface while doing no damage to the wall or table behind it.


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