Family Chores Done Together are Fun!

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Nobody looks forward to chores. They are mostly mundane and take you away from what you really want to do, like goofing around on Facebook. What if you were to set aside some family time for "no internet time" and do projects together? It's more fun and productive than it sounds on the surface!

We have found that many families like to post their weekly activities on a dry erase board and it communicates the fact that everyone has family work time and everyone has family play time. It's important for everyone to know they're part of a group and that everyone shares responsibility.

Parents and children both benefit from spending quality family time together. Children feel special when their parents take the time to do fun activities with them, as even simple everyday errands can make for a great bonding experience.

Family counselors agree says there are countless benefits of doing family activities together, including:

- Creating a stronger emotional bond between parents and children.
- Allowing for better communication between family members.
- Superior performances in school, as children who spend time communicating with their parents tend to get better grades.
- Less likely to exhibit behavioral problems, since kids with parents who spend quality family time together typically have fewer problem behaviors.

Working parents combined with kids involved in extracurricular activities can make for busy schedules without a lot of extra room for family activities. If this sounds familiar, that’s okay. Simple things like having dinner together each night can create the meaningful family time that your children really need.

Whiteboard In A Box is perfect for a strategic "family whiteboard" because it is a self-stick adhesive shiny, white film that adheres to almost any smooth, flat surface and does no harm to the underlying surface. You can use washi tape to make lines for making a board like the one above.

Designing, drawing, and sticking your new whiteboard to the wall can be your first project together. We have a video that shows how to unroll and place Whiteboard In A Box on a flat surface. Click Here to see the video.



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